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What Our Business "Patients" Say 

"After starting my own LLC while also working for an employer on the side, I needed immediate help to file both my personal taxes and business taxes. Just like every one, I was extremely busy with life and wanted to be as hands-off as possible in getting my taxes filed - but also wanted to have the confidence that my preparations were done accurately. Geryl was that solution for me. After countless conversations of getting to know Geryl on a personal level and his professional background, there was immense trust that Geryl would be the answer to my financial needs. Four years later, the decision to entrust Geryl with my tax preparations and additional financial advice was one of the best decisions I've made in my professional life. Geryl communicates thoroughly throughout the various processes while constantly providing feedback on ways I can save money or make preparations run more smoothly each year. My LLC filings are complicated, they involve receiving income through 1099s from 5+ states across the United States - Geryl doesn't skip a beat. He has the necessary experience and knowledge to tackle the challenge ahead.


This past year I referred Geryl to another friend struggling with their LLC filings. After receiving the professional help that Geryl offers, my friend sent me a communication thanking me for the recommendation while also mentioning how easy and great Geryl made the whole process.


Geryl has even gone as far to provide information regarding different legality changes that could affect my financials in the future. It's overly evident that he cares for his clientele and wants them to be informed at all times."

Controller & Small Business Owner

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